Phosphor, Color Theory, & Riley Blake Basics


"For Color Theory, I knew I wanted to share my passion for the language of color. As an art teacher, I wanted to bring in the creative joy of my middle school art classroom. When I opened my art file, I was particularly drawn to the hand-painted color palettes I created for each collection. I don't use Pantone or any color system for my collections. Rather, I hand paint the palette for each collection and cut out odd bits of those papers, glue them down to a larger piece of paper, and scribble the name for each color next to it. Windham uses those swatches to digitally create my palettes. When I looked through the file, I had the crazy idea of using all of my old color palettes as the basis of the feature print for Color Theory. In my art classroom, everything is organized by ROYGBIV so I knew I needed a rainbow in there as well." Carrie Bloomston for Windham
At Fabricworm, each Color Theory print will be sold as a 36" Panel to ensure you get all the details and more in each cut. Buy the bundle you will receive a 1 yard cut of each print.

Phosphor by Libs Elliott

Canadian fabric designer Libs Elliott along with Andover Fabrics bring you Phosphor. A bright, fresh new cotton collection with the look of denim texture. Download her La Fin de Monde Quilt pattern as seen above here.

Swiss Dot & Blossom Basics from Riley Blake