Jenny Ronen Kitty Garden, Dog Park & Basics for Birch Organic Fabrics


Fabricworm has the newest Birch Organic collections from designer Jenny Ronen. Kitty Garden is a small group of furry friends featuring Jenny's painterly cats and wildflowers. There are playful kittens, sweet faces, and budding blooms. Enjoy this new group perfect for any cat lover. Free Quilt pattern Cats On Cats can be found on the Birch Organic blog here.
Jenny's Basics include two designs, cloudy and stroke. They are a great modern basic for complimenting both new Jenny collections, but also look great on their own. We have the entire basic collection for you to choose from.
Lastly, we have Jenny's Dog Park collection which reminds us to get outside and go for a walk. Take your four-legged buddy with you to view the field flowers, or meet friends on the pup playground. Find bundles and yardage of your favorites.