Can't Stop, Won't Stop Making Masks For PPE

Sewing Masks & Our Contribution to PPE Masks

With the generous donation from Birch Organic Fabrics, Fabricworm shipped several requests totaling over 550 yards of cotton woven fabrics for mask makers and organizations this year. Over 5,220 general mask and N95 mask covers have been sewn and donated for front line workers and essential employees from California to New York! That's incredible! Thank you to the makers and people who have donated time, or organized the distribution efforts. We. See. You. Thank you so much for sewing. These images below are just some of the ones sent in to us or tagged us from Instagram and Facebook. Volunteers are from all over the US and still continue to sew masks for requests.

Lauren Smith Janzen of Playroom Workshop and Sew Ready Kit Organizer, Million Mask Challenge - Virginia/DC/Maryland shared:
"Fabricworm's 100 yard donation inspired our Million Mask Challenge group to create the Sew Ready Kit program. Local sewists request a kit of precut fabric and elastic or twill, and we prepare the kit for pick-up or delivery. We worked through the Birch Organic fabric in April and May. We have continued the program with weekly kits and have now sent out over 16,000 precut mask and scrub cap kits. I credit your donation with pushing us to action to figure out how best to mobilize volunteers and distribute kits so that masks could be sewn as quickly as possible to fill area healthcare requests. 

One last note: I regret that I do not have photos from healthcare workers to share. Any "thank you" photos have been few, but every mask that we handed out filled a direct request from a healthcare provider, front line worker, or other essential personnel in the Washington, D.C. region. I am truly thankful for your generous involvement in the early weeks of need."


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