20% Off Loominous by Anna Maria Horner | Fab New Fabric from Heather Ross

Loominous Yarn Dyes by Anna Maria Horner are a perfect lightweight fabric made from yarn dyed cotton, then woven in to these bright, colorful textiles. The light hand of fabric is suitable for summer clothing patterns like Fabricworm Lili in her Checkmate Beach sun dress. Sale ends Saturday, June 13th at 11pm PST. Photo from @lilianfernanda.

The overriding passion behind Lorraine Turner's art comes from her activity as a professional animal communicator. She illustrates the conversations of all of the creatures she meets and uses her fabric art to raise awareness and funds for endangered animals. The clean lines, exaggerated color, and bold brushwork depicted in comics has influenced her art and you could say that endangered animals are her superheroes.

Wild and Free by Hello! Lucky

Wild and Free is a rowdy bunch of jungle animals and lush fauna by illustrator Hello! Lucky from San Francisco, CA. Be wild, be wild and free with these great children's fabrics featuring the Free Cobblestone Street Quilt pattern. Bundles, yardage, and precuts available.

Heather Ross 20th Anniversary Collection

"Fabric was my first love. I grew up surrounded by fabrics...far flung, and exotic, homespun and simple, all of it fascinated me. Every bit of it. It is very much my hope that in choosing my favorite fabrics among a very large and long list, I have chosen a few of your favorites as well. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this lovely walk." Heather Ross


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