New Fabric Friday With Sun Print 2020, Pencil Club, & Midsommar

Sun Print 2020 By Alison Glass
"This group is one of my favorites yet. It continues our sewing/stitching theme with one brand new design and the return of two past favorites. There are a lot of details and bits to notice. It makes a great background and would also be fun to embroider. The brand new design, Menagerie, is a cross stitch sampler with lions, beetles, bunnies, mushrooms, bees, plus many floral and geometric elements." Designer, Alison Glass
Sun Print Bundles in Water & Earth and in Fire & Air.
Pencil Club By Heather Givans
From the earthy, woody smell of a newly sharpened pencil to the fact that some of us have "favorite" erasers, Pencil Club is an homage to the eight-year-old collector in all of us. Found in this brightly colored collection are piles of pencil shavings just too cute to throw away and rows of pencils and erasers organized by color with rainbow stripes. Our artist hearts beat a little faster when imagining a club dedicated to friends who love pencils. Full of bright color and a welcoming spirit, Pencil Club coordinates seamlessly with Windham basics Artisan Cottons.
Seeing Double Quilt Pattern
Click the Pencil Club President Picture to Buy Heather's Pattern!
Midsommar By Pippa Shaw For FIGO
Midsommar is a celebration of nature that embodies joy, light and a carefree spirit. Imagined memories of a vintage Scandinavian summer: never-ending daylight, the perfume of blooms filling the clearest of skies, vistas of sun-filled wildflower meadows in unspoiled landscapes and wearing flowers in your hair.
HomeMade By Tula Pink for Free Spirit Coming March 2020

Expected arrival March

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