Diamond Textiles Wovens & Alderwood Studio Free Mountain Air Pattern

We're showing off details of our Diamond Textiles fabrics today. The yarn dyed cottons have stunning bits of embroidery making them premium selections for your quilts or apparel projects. If you like to sew and you consider yourself adventurous with fabric then you will want to try these wovens! From our online Fabricworms to our local shoppers these textured fabrics are popping up everywhere.

From Amber Elliot of Alderwood Studio is this 'Broken Herringbone 'quilt like Violet Craft's. Amber used the fabric we call Stitches in 10 different colors to create this stunning combination. The embroidered stitches + her choice to hand quilt looks like she put in three times the work.
by Alderwood Studio

Fabricworm bundle - Lucky Stitch of 13

Caffeinated Bundle of 5
Diamond Textiles Wovens in Baltic & Harbor colors.

If you are looking for more quilt or sewing projects checkout out paper patterns on Fabricworm.

If you want a Free pattern just released this month from Alderwood Studio, head over to her website. Mountain Air is a modern quilt that is beginner friendly, quick and fun, and full of HST. The Free pattern for her Mountain Air quilt will be your gift for signing up, but only for a limited time.


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