Charley Harper Cats and Raccs

Maypole Pillow Pattern by Suzy Quilts Sewn by Donna of @xoxosew
From the library of Charley Harper art comes a collection of mischievous cats and raccoons. You'll find reprinted cat favorites like Limp On A Limb and Cat Nip, plus a new group featuring cute night time bandits. Find new fabric bundles and inspiration featuring Charley Harper Cats and Raccs at Fabricworm.

Mod Melons Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

Mod Melons
Fat Quarter Bundles!

Milano Dress in Basket Raccs
Milano Kids Dress Pattern
Cats and Raccs
Raccoonaissance & Watermelon Moon
Cat Nip, Along Came A Spider, & Big Racc Attack
Charley Harper Cats and Raccs
The overwhelming success of Charley Harper Holiday urged the design team at Birch Fabrics to create a new holiday collection. Winter Wonderland represents the family, friends, and feasts of the season. Preorder your Winter Wonderland fabric and expect them to arrive this November!
Preorder Charley Harper
56" Wide, Giant Cardinal Stagger Barkcloth


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