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Closet Case Patterns

Closet Case Patterns are aimed at giving modern makers the tools and techniques to create the wardrobe of their dreams. Featuring bilingual patterns, step-by-step tutorials, and obsessively clear online courses which are intentionally changing the way women build comfort, joy, and ease into their closets. Each is drafted and graded in Women's sizes 0-20, currently.
Carolyn Pajamas
Kalle Shirt & Dress
Jenny Overalls & Trousers
Fiore A-line skirt
Cielo Dress & Top
Fiona Button-up Sundress
Everlasting Jersey Knits by Sharon Holland
The first looks exchanged which then stare in the same direction, promises of love that are always kept, the ritual of marriage, and family traditions are what Everlasting celebrates. This eternally classic color story brings together heart red, creamy ivory and of course…something blue.
These 3 new knits are inspired by a love for the designer's daughter Anna, who reminds her of joyful summer memories.
Designer Drafted Dress
Flutter Buds

New Mister Domestic Prints For AGF

Mister Domestic Woven Quilt Weight
Jersey Knit Catch & Release

New & Restocked Jersey Prints Featuring Dana Willard For AGF

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Tinsel From Cloud9 Organic

Tinsel Fabric
Tinsel Door Hanger Inspiration
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Bright Cheer


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