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Free Jetsetter Quilt Pattern 56” x 64”
Color Theory from Andover is the full spectrum of quilt and cotton fun! With a nod to STEM education you'll find enough Field Notes, Graphs, and Diagrams to make a chart of success or quilt of coalition. All jokes aside, this group of modern prints are great for the friend who loves math, also known as AlgeBROS.
The Free Jetsetter Pattern by Heidi Pridemore is available for download here.
Deep End Half Yard Bundle
Lush Lilac Half Yard Bundle
Firelight Half Yard Bundle
Patio Party Half Yard Bundle
Our custom bundles introduce new and old favorites reimagined in coordinated groups of themed fabrics by our staff. We also feature chroma color bundles to help round out projects you may be looking for in a variation of colors.
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Rainbow of Love
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Chroma Forest
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Sweet Safari
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Gift Shop
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Time to Fish
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Angelina's Ballet
Fabricworm Custom Bundle Chroma Plum