15% Off Select Bundles, Kits & Scrap Packs! | Available for Pre-Order Pirouette By Arleen Hillyer

Mermaids, sea urchins, pretty sea-flowers and whimsical dots create the Aquarius collection by Elizabeth Gruabugh. In a color palette of navy, aqua, pink and gold, these nautical inspired patterns come together swimmingly.
Yardage and Bundles Available
Fabricworm Custom Bundle, In The Reef
Ellie Messenger Bag - FREE Pattern
Yardage and Bundles Available
A Ghastlie Notion Natural
A Ghastlie Notion Snapdragon
La Paloma Tea
Fabricworm Custom Bundle, Notion Nostalgia
Fabricworm Custom Bundle, Sunroom
Fabricworm Custom Bundle, Blooming Bright - Yardage and Bundles Available
OXFORD, Blooms of Beauty Blue
CANVAS, Olive Branches Flax
Take off to land of gum drops and sugar plums, dancing kitties and waltzing flowers. Learn to pirouette and practice your pliĆ©. Take part in this timeless tradition and make each act your very own. Pirouette is inspired by ballet through the decades as well as designer Arleen Hillyer’s own accounts of a decade and a half of ballet class.
Available in Poplin & Knit


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