Cotton + Steel's Steno Pool, Front Yard & Imagined Landscapes

Steno Pool by Kimberly Kight is sending out vintage vibes and maybe even some hidden messages! Think you can crack the shorthand code? Start sewing mystery into your next project!
Steno Pool by Kimberly Kight
Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel has an explosive variety of mushrooms, gnomes, frogs, and clovers in Front Yard. We ♥ Gnomies and these are here in time for holiday sewing!
Front Yard by Sarah Watts
Sunflowers - Canvas
Mushrooms - Rayon
Pattern is self-drafted, based on a much-loved Marimekko for Uniqlo dress. Fabric is Canvas, Aerial View Midnight.
For her first-ever fabric collection, designer Jen Hewett drew inspiration from her daily walks in and around Golden Gate Park. The surrounding flora and landscapes turned into quirky, geometric shapes. A printmaker by training, Jen began her design process for this collection by hand printing with the collection of blocks she’s carved over the years, playing with layout and color.
Imagined Landscapes by Jen Hewett