20% Off Imported Woven Yarn Dyes | Autumn Vibes by Maureen Cracknell

The warm light of a chimney reveals the awakening of autumn. Cozy shades of honey, pumpkin and eggplant enliven this forest where foxes and squirrels live surrounded by rich and vibrant blooms.
Fresh Night Breeze Bundle
By the Chimney Bundle
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Shake things up with a pinch of this, a dash of that and the rest is just simple, Basic Mixologie. Bursting with pops of bright cheerful colors, these prints are playful and versatile. Combine them to create a striking spectrum. No matter how you mix them, you’re sure to stir up fun!
Basic Mixologie 2018 - 31 Beautiful Fat Eighths
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This Rose Gold Premium gift set features 8.5" dressmaking scissors, 3.5" stork embroidery scissors, and thimble to match! Perfect for any sewist!