Select Charley Harper Poplin & Knit $5/ yd!!! | Alison Glass' Sun Print 2018

Diatom is the tiny dot print with an added octopi surprise dot scattered throughout the 24” repeat. Depths is a small scale version of the main print Pearl from her previous collection, Diving Board. Our mermaid and octopi friends continue their adventures in nine saturated backgrounds with white line work. Compass is a complicated, darker print. The mysterious guide map adds an element of structural design. Far off islands, with tiny ships and other creatures hide within its' layers.
Yardage and Bundles Available
Triangle Jitters, Stars Hollow, and Mayan Mosaic are three best-loved Suzy patterns, plus an added newbie called Nordic Triangles. Great for everyone!
The Wiksten set of sewing separates are the essentials we haven't been able to keep stocked. The Smock Top & Dress looks great made from many substrates, but our recent favorite is organic double gauze. The Bloomers and Harem Pants each compliment a variety of tops and dresses. Grab your copy today.
Baby + Child Smock Top + Dress
Baby + Toddler Harem Pants


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