Fall 2017 Quilt Market Recap - Part 1

As you may know, we just got back from our annual trip to Houston for Fall Quilt Market. There were so many great booths bursting with creativity and inspiration and we couldn't be happier to show you some of what we saw, as well as, some of what will be hitting the shelves soon! Drum-roll please...

Birch Organic Fabrics

Birch Booth

Bird Architects by Charley Harper

Horned Grebe and Indigo Bunting - Poplin

Bird Architects - Quilted Pillows By @schrodingerlynx

Solid Double Gauze - Check Out The Rest Of The Colors!

Merryweather - The Sophomore Collection From Arleen Hillyer - AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER

Skirt Featuring Merry Border


Birch Booth Beauties!
Art Gallery Fabrics

Alison Glass

Cotton + Steel

Spectacle by Christian Robinson

530 x 448

Rifle Paper Co.


Garment Close-ups

Elizabeth Hartman

Gertrude Made


Click Here For Part 2


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