Did you see that?! Bundles are on sale! Stock up on smaller cuts of your favorite fabrics at a great price! We even have a fresh crop of custom bundles so go and get 'em before they are gone!
New Custom Bundles Included in the Sale!
With some inspiration from her two cats, Batman and Chi, Felice came up with Caturday. These purr-fect pops of color mix well with the playful and mischievous cats and the border prints will have you pondering all kinds of projects!
Adventure awaits with Wild One where your little one roar with excitement as they befriend the sweetest looking animals in the jungle.
Visit Camelot Fabrics to find more fun projects!
A beautiful floral print and classic gingham make up this little collection, Farmer's Daughter. Decorate your next jam jars, whip up some curtains for your kitchen, or make your little lady a dress with this sweet bunch.
Available in Bundles and Yardage
We encourage taking it easy and not rushing about but don't go at sloth speed when ordering these! We'd hate to see you miss out on such a fun collection!
Available in Bundles and Yardage... as long as you're faster than a sloth!
Merryweather Designer, Arleen Hillyer, in Merry Floral Marigold
Whether you live in the city, or through the forest; cozy up with her soft florals and lucky wishbones. Catch the sound of busy bees while the sun warms your cheeks on a merry spring day. Let Merryweather give you all the feels of home, sweet home and yesteryear.
Birch loves simplicity, and their new Birch Basics are timeless classics already. These fuss-free prints are perfect for those modern babes.
Available in Poplin and Knit
Pre-order these pretties today so you can start planning your next quilt, bedding set, garment, or whatever else you plan to coordinate with this new go-to group!
@5littlebunnies made these beautiful bunny baby lovies using Birch Basics!
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Have a fabulous week! 
From all your friends at Fabricworm


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