Big Sky & The Good Life By Moda I Fable, Journey On, Welcome to the Jungle & Jetsetter By Dear Stella


Big Sky From Moda

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FREE Patterns - The Bear & Arrows

Tell a story with this wonderfully curated collection Big Sky by Annie Brady for Moda. From the trees and leaves, to the forest critters and grizzly bears this collection showcases all the beauty of wildlife. Free for download are two quilt patterns, The Bear & Arrows.
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The good life, it's a funny thing. We are all trying to find it, when in reality it is all around us. Happiness is in the simple things: a beautiful summer day, fresh flowers, the last few stitches in a favorite quilt, spending time with those we love, these are the thing that make life sweet.

Rae Ritchie For Dear Stella

Greatly inspired by nature, vintage children's books, fables and fairy tales. Rae Ritchie brings us these two new collections, Fable and Journey On.
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Take a step into a land of folklore and finery where unicorns run free against a backdrop of floral dreamcatchers and castles in the sky. Seek out your fairy tale with Fable.

Journey On

Take a trip around the world with Journey On. This travel-inspired collection features spying bunnies, vast maps and hot air balloons all in a primary pastel palette.
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Welcome to the Jungle

Frolicking tigers and flying monkeys, Welcome to the Jungle by Dear Stella, is a cute and pure collection showcasing all the animals of the jungle.
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Relive the summer festivities and travels with our vacation inspired collection by Dear Stella! Jetsetter is inspired by wanderlust, a deep urge to travel and features mermaids, pineapples, and flamingos. Dream up your next island getaway with this collection now.
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