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Linus Plushie by Melissa Bailey

Love Fabricworm? Well now you can make yourself a little fabric worm with our quick and easy Linus tutorial!  So grab some supplies and your machine and you’ll have your own little Linus in no time!

You will need:

Linus template

¼ yard of fabric – Linus prefers Birch Organic Solid Grass

Straight pins


Your machine

Batting for stuffing

Embroidery thread or puff paint for the details

First, print out a copy of the Linus template.  I have traced mine onto a thin piece of cardboard from a cereal box so that I can use it again and again, but you can just use plain old paper.

Next, pin your Linus template onto your fabric.  I prefer to place two pieces of fabric, right sides together and pin the pattern on top.  After I cut the pieces out, I just have to remove the pattern piece and I’m ready to sew.

Sew your pieces, right sides together, using a ¼ inch seam allowance.  Be sure to leave an opening for turning and stuffing your Linus!

Once Linus has been sewn, it’s time to clip the corners.  Clip them in whatever style you prefer, or simply use pinking shears being careful to clip close to the seam line but NOT on it!

Now turn Linus inside out and stuff him!  Isn’t he cute?

Finally, seam up the opening where you stuffed Linus and voila!  He’s done!

****Adding the details****

If you would like to embroider the details on Linus, you can do this easily after you cut out your pieces but BEFORE you sew them together.  If you prefer to use puff paint, finish making Linus and paint him when he’s all done.  Either way, have fun and enjoy your new Linus!


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