Quilt Market! // Comings and Goings // Cotton And Steel // Camelot Fabrics

We are so thrilled to be back and settled from the craziness and fun that is Quilt Market!  While we were in Houston we experienced LOTS OF RAIN from Hurricane Patricia.  Luckily Houston was only getting the rain, and not the crazy wind.  Thankfully, everybody was nice and safe.  Being from California, the rain was a welcomed change, even if we were out of practice using our umbrellas! 

We saw lots of great new fabrics and can't wait to show you some glimpses of fabrics that are coming to Fabricworm very soon!  Without further adieu...

Perhaps the most exciting announcement of the entire show was the new Rifle Paper Co for Cotton and Steel Collaboration!  We are huge fans and cannot wait!

Rifle Paper Co. for Cotton and Steel coming to Fabricworm!
Let's get started with with some Cotton And Steel previews!

Clover by Alexia Marcelle Abegg coming to Fabricworm
Clover Booth | Alexia Marcelle Abegg | Fabricworm
Cat Lady by Sarah Watts coming to Fabricworm
Cat Lady Booth | Sarah Watts | Fabricworm
Fruit Dots by Melody Miller coming to Fabricworm
Fruit Dots Booth | Melody Miller | Fabricworm
A glimpse of Macrama by Rashida Coleman-Hale coming to Fabricworm

Macrama Booth | Rashida Coleman-Hale | Fabricworm
Penny Arcade Booth | Kimberly Kight | Fabricworm
Penny Arcade by Kimberly Kight coming to Fabricworm

And  now from Camelot Design Studio!  Camelot had some really beautiful collections including fabrics from their new Disney License!  You better believe we got some!

Some Star Wars Fabric In Action! | Coming soon to Fabricworm
Winnie The Pooh Quilt and Dress | Disney Design Studio | Coming to Fabricworm.
Winnie The Pooh Diaper Bag and Bunny Softies! | Disney Design Studio | Coming to Fabricworm.
Nordic Quilt | Camelot | Fabric coming soon to Fabricworm.

Bonne Nuit by Camelot Design Studio coming soon to Fabricworm!
Enchanted by Alissa Courter was prettier than you could imagine! Coming soon to Fabricworm.
Winnie The Pooh, Disney Princesses, and Mickey and Minnie?? YES!

Disney Princesses!  Studio Disney by Camelot Fabrics coming soon to Fabricworm.
Studio Disney by Camelot Fabrics coming soon to Fabricworm.
Winnie the Pooh! Studio Disney by Camelot Fabrics coming soon to Fabricworm.
Come back tomorrow for another update on Fabricworm's Quilt Market adventurers!

- The Fabricworm Team


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