Madame Bobbins' Apron Tutorial by Melissa Bailey

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Madame Bobbins' Apron Tutorial 

By Melissa Bailey

Recently we introduced Madame Bobbins to all our Fabricworms, and by popular demand we are now releasing her adorable apron! Melissa Bailey shows her creativity by using scraps to make a simple, elegant apron. Any fabric can be used for this delightful pattern but we recommend quilt weight poplin. The size of the fabric needed will depend on the size of your very own Madame Bobbins! Find our scrap packs here

So you have a Madame Bobbins, but she is lacking a certain something...perhaps an apron? No longer! This quick and easy tutorial will teach you how to make a simple apron out of the scraps you have lying around at home! 

First, as with any clothing item, you must know the measurements of your model. Measure the widest part of your chicken, this number is measurement A. Write down measurement A, then add 4" inches to it to get measurement B. 

Next, measure the height of your chicken from the base to armpit, this is measurement C. This is a good time to point out that if your chicken has wings that are tacked down, you can carefully rip the stitches and re-sew the wings to the body only across the top of the wing.  This will allow the wing to hang over the apron.  While this step is not necessary, the apron will work over the top of the wing, it does give the chicken a more finished look when done. You will also need to measure from the armpit up to the neck curve of the chicken for the bib (measurement D) and from the front of one wing across to the front of the other wing to know how wide to make the bib (measurement E).

You are ready to use the measurements you took to cut out the apron. The measurements you took are important here because the size of the apron depends on the size of the chicken you made.  First, take measurement C and double it.  This is the width of the skirt piece you will cut.  Next take measurement A and add 6" to 10" inches, depending on how gathered you would like the apron skirt to be, this number will be the length of the piece you cut.  For example, I will cut a 5" inch by 30" inch piece of fabric for my skirt based on the measurements of my chicken. 

Now it's time to cut out the bib of the apron.  I like to fussy cut this piece, which means that I will find a part of the fabric with an image on it I like and make that the center of the bib. To find the measurements for the bib piece, measurement E will be the width and double measurement D will be the length of the piece you cut.  

Finally, you will cut your apron tie and the neck band.  The apron tie will use measurement B for the length and be about 1 1/2" inches in width.  The neck band will also be about 1 1/2" in width, but only needs to be about 7" in length.  It just needs to be longer than you think you will need, as we will adjust this when it is on the chicken.

Good job!  You have all the pieces you need to make the apron!  Now go get your iron ready.  You will need to iron the apron tie and neck band in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.  Then open the fold and fold each side in to the center (again, lengthwise) basically creating binding.  Finally, iron the bib piece by folding 1/4" down, wrong sides together on each of the two short ends.

Take the bib piece and fold in half widthwise, right sides together to create the top of the apron.  Sew down each side using a 1/4" inch seam allowance, leaving the top open to tuck the neck band into later.

Once the two sides of the bib are sewn, clip the bottom corners, near the fold, to make turning easier.  Then turn the bib right side out and press.

Run a quick stitch down the length of your neck band piece, sealing it and giving it some stability.  Tuck one end of the band into the open top end of the bib piece and pin in place.  Hang the bib on the chicken where you would like it to fall.  This is where you can adjust the length of the neck band, if it is way too long, just snip off a bit here so that there isn't too much bulk in the bib.  
Tuck the second side in, pin and sew across the top of the bib, securing the neck band to the bib.

Now for the skirt! Take your skirt piece, fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together and sew down each short side with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Turn skirt right side out and iron.  You should have a piece that is sealed on two sides, has one long side with a fold and one long side that is open.  Here comes the fun part!  If you want, you can use a running stitch to actually gather the skirt.  I like to cheat this step and simply gather as I go.  So grab your skirt piece and your ironed apron tie.  Find the center of each and pin them together at this point by tucking the open side of the skirt into the open side of the tie.  Now measure 2" inches from one end of the tie and pin the edge of the skirt to that point.  Repeat this step for the other side of the skirt with the other apron tie.  Now simply gather and pin between one edge pin and the center, and the center and the second edge pin.

Now take your bib and center that behind your apron skirt.  Pin this in place, making sure that the bottom of the bib falls below the bottom of the apron tie so that the bib will get sewn onto the skirt when you sew it all together.

Take this bundle to your sewing machine and sew the apron tie closed.  Start at the folded edge of one side of the tie.  Sew down the short side, sealing the end of the tie, continue around the corner and along the length of the tie, sewing as close to the edge as you can but still catching the tie on both the front and back of the apron.  When you have sewn the entire length of the apron tie, turn the corner and sew up the short side of the tie.  Clip your threads and you are done!

You now have a one of a kind apron for your one of a kind chicken! Don't forget to 
post photos of your chicken to Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #madamebobbins so we can see all your wonderful chickens!


ha ha this is so cute. i love the added apron!!
Phlegmmy said…
My chicken loving friends are going to adore this!
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