Quilt Market with Fabricworm | Part Two

 Alright Fabricworms!  We're back with more peeks into this year's fall Quilt Market!  Right off the bat we're starting with the much buzzed about Cotton And Steel's followup collections to their Spring Market debut.  We certainly saw some great stuff!

Here is Tokyo Train Ride by Sarah Watts, which has to be one of our favorites!

We'll be seeing a return of the ever so popular viewfinders in Melody Miller's upcoming Playful collection.  We can't wait!  This time they're printed on quilting cotton too!

And here we have Mochi by Rashida Coleman-Hale inspired by Japanese Folklore, specifically the story of the rabbit in the moon!  So cute!

Cookie Book by Kimberly Kight is a darling retro ode to baking a batch of homemade cookies.  We're eating right out of the palm of your hand Mrs. Kight!

And here we have this adorable booth from the second collection by April Rhodes for Art Gallery called Wanderer.  We loved this fresh and super cool feel of the color palette!  And that photograph print is just to die for!

More coming tomorrow!


Crazy Nanny said…
I'd find a way to incorporate these into items for my 3 girls.
Linda Daman said…
Pretties for my niece's little girls
Unknown said…
This is an awesome set of fabrics. Love your blog and follow you on Bloglovin. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the give away! :)
Diane Beavers said…
OMG April Rhodes "Wanderer" is stunning. I can't wait for it's release. Thank you for previewing.
Theresa said…
Perfect for my granddaughter
petoskystone said…
Tokyo Train Ride is wonderful! Easy to see Spring dresses & shirts being made. The Hare in the Moon is one of my favorite stories. Sweet to see fabric inspired by it.