New Feature! | Create Accounts with!

We're so excited to announce the newest feature of our website! You can now create accounts with! Create an account using your Facebook, Yahoo or AOL login to keep track of your orders and shipping information.

We're thrilled to offer a more convenient shopping experience to our amazing customers. Creating an account with us has the following benefits: 

1. Quicker checkout process by saving your billing/shipping information.
2. Easier reference to past orders. Keep track of all of your orders in one place by creating an account.
3. Safely and securely save your payment information for a super quick check out process.
4. Easily track your orders in one convenient location.

Once you've created your account you can shop and browse as usual. 

Upon checking out, you will fill in your shipping and billing information.  You will also have the chance to save credit card information if you like.  

As a security measure, you will be asked to re-enter your credit card number each time you purchase.

Don't worry, the next time you order, your shipping and billing information will be saved.

We hope you enjoy these new features!  We'd love to hear your feedback regarding the changes.


Yay!!!!!!!! ;) I always forget what I ordered and don't always keep my emails!