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We're pleased to bring you our latest and greatest Fabric-Stravaganza Sale for the ever prominent Black Friday tradition! We've added a ton of new fabric to our sale section. But the best part is EVERYTHING is at least 30% off! Cha-Ching! So get on over there and check out all the fun fabrics!

Don't forget to use your coupon code "BFOMG" for an additional 10% off your order! Double Cha-Ching!

Just In

Honky Tonk by Eric & Julie Comstock

honkytonk set image

Giddy up and check out this brand new collection from Eric & Julie Comstock! After moving to the Lone Star State,Eric & Julie were inspired to create this new line. This collection features all of your favorite Western staples - guitars strumming next to the campfire, mustaches that will make your grandpa jealous and some of the prettiest desert flowers you've ever seen! Ride 'em Cowboy!

Check out the entire collection here.


Star Wars: The Dark Side by Camelot Cottons

starwars set image

Images courtesy of Camelot Cottons


This bundle is available in Fat Quarters and Half Yards!

These are the droids you've been looking for!

Camelot Cottons has now brought us Star Wars: The Dark Side, featuring one of our favorite bad guys - Darth Vader himself. Stormtroopers, X-Wing fighters and lightsabers adorn these prints. Your little padawons are going to love it.

And the best part is - all of the prints glow in the dark! Perfect for an adventure in a galaxy far, far, away.

May the force be with you!


Birds of a Feather by Mark Hordyszynski

markskibirds set image

Images courtesy of Making it Fun

Birds of a Feather is every modern quilter's dream collection - sharp lines and a fresh take on the Bird trend are grouped with retro pigmented colors. Check out what Mark himself had to say about the inspiration for this set:

"... I chose to do a very generic bird. Inspired by the no-nonsense form of Scandinavia design, Marimekko and the Modern Quilt Guild, simple shapes suggest more detailed parts such as a tear drop shape for wings, or sticks for feet, or a triangle for the beak or crest, or tail feathers."

This collection comes in two specific colorways: Bark & Coral.


Garden Party by P&B Textiles

Garden party set image

Who doesn't enjoy a refreshing, traditional English tea party? This collection harkens back to springtime, a time when you can sit outside with a nice cuppa.

Fresh blooms, bright colors and a cherry disposition make this collection a keeper.

Pass the sugar please.


Meadow by Monaluna


Images courtesy of Monaluna


Meadow, Entire Collection

We have not one, but two new collections from Monaluna.

Meadow is perfect for any nature loving little girl.

Sweet blooms of all kinds, delicate florals and our sweet Woodland friends adorn this beautiful collection.

And the bright colors are just the icing on the cake.



Urban Patch by Monaluna


Image courtesy of Monaluna


Urban Patch, Entire Collection

Urban Patch was our second new arrival from Monaluna this week.

Even while living in a Concrete Jungle, we can still find the beauty of nature around us. And this new collection proves just that.

Cityscapes are coupled with trees and birdies. And even if you are stuck in traffic, you can still take a minute to stop and smell the roses.


Crazy for Daisies by Adornit


Juicy Fruit




Crazy for Daisy Juicy Fruit


Daisy Scatter Cherry


Pom Pom Dot Yellow

Crazy for Daisies now has us obsessed with dainty daisy prints. Starting with teeny tiny blossoms and leading to large florals, this collection shows everything else in between.

And if that wasn't enough, take a look at the encouraging comments that urge "Just Be Happy". Sometimes it's as simple as that.

This collection comes in two distinct colorways: Juicy Fruit and Sunshine. Check them out above!


Lost and Found 2 by My Mind's Eye


Imagine the joy of finding long lost heirlooms in your attic! That seems to be a theme running through this new collection from My Mind's Eye. The thought that even though something may be lost for a short time, we can find it again.

This ultra-feminine collection comes in three fantastic colors: Red, Gray and Aqua.


Lost and Found 2 in Red


Shell Yellow


Label Gray


Medallion Aqua


Rapture by Pat Bravo


Image courtesy of Art Gallery Fabrics


Images courtesy of Soulful Eyes - Pat Bravo's Blog


This bundle is also available in the Citric Happiness colorway.

We are so please to present Rapture by Pat Bravo!

Pat Bravo created a custom studio for this year's Quilt Market, showing how she thinks a "Rapture" girl would live and create her own space. Here's what she had to say:

"She is fearless. She is sophisticated. She loves to sketch with markers and have a glass of wine while reading her latest vintage-find. She dares to wear bold prints with bright-colored hues of lemon red and blue. She loves to be raptured by the beauty in everything she sees and wears her heart on her sleeve."


Indigo by Kawaii


Kawaii, Indigo Version 2

Indigo is back!

Not only have a few of our favorites returned (Check out our Oldies but Goodies section of this newsletter), but we have a few fantastic new prints to join them.

We love these bold, Asian-inspired prints so much we decided to create a brand new Indigo bundle featuring all of the prints.

Take a look at a few of the new prints below.

We dare you not to fall in love.








Stitch Basics by Michael Miller


Stitch Basics in Jewel Tones!

As if we couldn't love the Stitch Basics collection enough, Michael Miller surprised us with a few new colors.

Now the Stitch Circles and Stitch Squares come in Jewel Tone colors: Passion, Midnite, Turquoise and Jewel, all featured in the bundle to the right.

As an added bonus - there's a few more below!


Stitch Square Midnite


Stitch Square Minnie


Stitch Square Turquoise


Stitch Circle Charcoal


Stitch Circle Jewel


Stitch Circle Passion


New from Timeless Treasures!


Arcade Maze


Juvenile Jungle Animals White


Tossed Mermaids Pink


Owls on Branches Cream

Timeless Treasures has brought us tons of new prints this week, sure to please the parents and kiddies alike. Retro Video Games, swimming mermaids, perched owls and jungle friends are just a few of our new arrivals.

You can view the rest of our fun new Timeless Treasures prints here.


New from Kawaii







To top it all off, we have three new prints from Kawaii.

Coy Anime-style Geishas and a pretty forrest setting are just a few things to love about this print.

Geisha Forrest comes in three different colorways: Blue, Bright and Pink.

Charley Harper for Birch Fabrics

We simply cannot get enough of these Charley Harper prints. Showcasing the great Mr. Harper's eye for modern, simplistic design these prints are rich in color and perfect for nearly any project, big or small. As an added bonus - these prints come in both Poplin and Canvas. Get them while you can - they're flying off the shelves!


These prints are available in Canvas


These prints are available in Poplin


Announcing the Window View Quilt Kit!


Image courtesy of Lunden Designs

windowview set 2

Image courtesy of Lunden Designs

Ladies and gents may we present the Window View Quilt Kit.

This Quilt Kit includes prints from the Charley Harper collection for Birch Fabrics and an easy to follow pattern courtesy of Lunden Designs.

This Quilt Kit is perfect for this glorious time of year, Fall!

Oldies But Goodies

Stitch Basics by Michael Miller


Stitch Circle Sampler


Stitch Square Sampler

We couldn't be happier to see the Stitch Basics collection come back!

This collection showcases a beautiful, scrollwork design that are great stash builders and they come in every color of the rainbow.

We love these prints so much we decided to create two new Stitch Basics bundles - the Stitch Circle Sampler and the Stitch Square Sampler.


Stitch Circle Aqua


Stitch Circle Olive


Stitch Square Mint


Stitch Square Mustard


Indigo by Kawaii







This is just a sampling of all of the great Indigo fabrics that are back in stock. Check out the rest of the collection here.

Coming Soon

Vagabond by Parson Gray


Images courtesy of Parson Gray


You can view this collection and the many more that we are anticipating in our Coming Soon Section.

Have a Fabulous Weekend

Another whirlwind week for fabric! Make sure to check out our Mega-Black Friday Sale this week and check back with us for Cyber Monday (December 2)!!!

Have a safe and fun rest of your week Fabricworms!

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