Some Inspiration From Our Fabricworm Gals!

Hello fellow fabricworms! For this blog post, we thought it would be nice to share with all of you some of the small projects our staff here have worked on on their own spare time. We know how hard it is to find the time in our busy schedules to lay everything aside and begin a new project. No matter how small the project though, the satisfaction from completing it feels oh so great!

Check out Arleen's oh so cute oven mitt and small blanket! For the oven mitt, Arleen made a custom fit by simply tracing her own hand. Give it a try, it's so easy :)

Our trusted leader, Andrea, made this incredibly cute dress and baby tank top!

A Star Wars dress??? I mean c'mon! That's got geekly chic written all over it!

Check out these two precious little girl dresses made by Chansley! With these bold, beautiful fabrics, these dresses stand out among the rest!

Our fabricworm gal, Belén, made this reversible quilt for her nephew's baby shower. It features bears, campers, and woodgrain; all perfect for a little boy! 
For the shoes, Belén used only one fat quarter piece of fabric to bring new life to an old pair of shoes.

Cutie Sarah here made two infinity scarfs with fabrics from our store. They're simple to make and are fashionable to wear! On Sarah's shirt is a small pocket she made to cover up an imperfection on her tank top. It now has a functional pocket that adds a little pizzaz to her attire. As a new addition to our staff, we are happy to announce Sarah has completed her first quilt square! Woop Woop!

I can't get over how simple and adorable this little bow is on this collar Corinne made for her dog. Below the collar, both Corinne and Bresha mod podged a few decorative boxes using some scraps. It requires no sewing and is oh so easy!

Here are some canvases covered in fabrics from our store. It takes no time to make and adds a little something extra to a room.



So cute! How did Corrine make the dog collar bow? I know a corgi who would look oh so dapper in one of his own.
Sharon Aguilar said…
Where did you get that cute pattern for the little girls dress! I want :)
What is that purple fabric with the wheels? Amazing. The dress is adorable, and well thought out with pattern placement, too!
Sarah LaRaine said…
The purple dress is made with Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics Organic Avalon Take Flight Grape.