Reusable Bag Tutorial from Sarah Watson Featuring Her Brand New Fabric Line!!

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Okay, okay, okay. Another reusable bag? I mean, at some point it has to stop, right? Well hopefully you don't see this one as your regular old reusable bag. It's sort of a perfect size. What do I mean by that? Well, when I go to my garden to pick my crop, I always worry about, say, a squash crushing my basil. This is a great garden herb bag! Or that last minute hostess gift that I forgot, again.  And of course this is a great wine bag! I just got a puppy. If you happen to have a small puppy, it's also a great puppy bag. I tell you, this bag is the perfect size for endless items. Tie the handles together, and it's a super simple gift wrapper. And it's easy to make! What else could you ask for?

Here's what to do:

Materials needed: 
17x18" of Luxe in Bloom Flumes Citron
17x18" of Luxe in Bloom Boucherouite Blush
paper for template
sewing machine (you can sew by hand too if you'd like!). 
Herbs, wine or a puppy to carry around.

*transfer template onto a scrap piece of paper. Then take an 8.5x11" piece of paper and tape it to the bottom. Ta-dah!

1. Cut both pieces of fabric hot-dog style (long ways), so they are 8.5x18". That is, 8.5" from top left corner to top right corner. Fold in half so they are 4.25x18". Just to be sure, check illustration B.
2. Trace handle curve template on all pieces, and cut.
3. Put one piece of Boucherouite and one piece of Flumes fabric face side together, and stitch curves of handle, highlighted in green on Illustration B. Repeat with second pieces of fabric.
4. Turn right side out and press.
5. With exterior fabrics facing each other, lay pieces on top of each other, and stitch exterior, highlighted in pink in illustration B.
5. Turn right side out and press.
6. If you'd like a box bottom, turn inside out, and stitch corners, as shown in illustration C.

Fill with stuff, and ta-dah, you're done!
-Sarah Watson

**Thank you Sarah for graciously offering up this great tutorial for all of our Fabricworm Customers!  You can find Sarah's newest line, Luxe In Bloom, right here at Fabricworm!

Print out Illustration A, and tape it to an 8.5x11" piece of paper, folded in half, as shown 
in illustration B.


I love this! Sarah's right, the perfect size!! :)
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
awesome! i always bring a reuseable bag when i go grocery shopping.. this would be prefect :)

came from DIY Dreamer
What a perfect bag to use as a gift with some wine! Love the fabric too :) just popping by from the DIY Dreamer :)
Tara said…
love this! stopping by from DIY dreamer. :)
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