New Bundles!

Hurry and get your custom bundles before the sale ends on Friday, November 23rd, at 8 am PST! With Christmas right around the corner it's important to get your presents or your projects finished. These coordinated bundles are a wonderful present for your loved one.

   Plaskett Creek                                                                                  Bear Mountain


More New Fabrics:

We have finally received the last of the Notting Hill collection, the Voiles! And we have also received some new trendy hipster fabrics! Timeless Treasure's new Mens Wear fabrics are great for your other half, your brother, your dad, or your grandpa. Make them something awesome this holiday season.

Here are also some miscellaneous Timeless Treasure fabrics that also arrived today:

                         Ladybugs White                                                                        Tossed Owls Beige