Awesome, awesome news! It has finally arrived! Camp Modern and Camp Sur from Jay-Cyn is here! Spread the news!


I bet you have been waiting for these two collections to arrive, and so have we! These two collections are a beautiful ode to California. The collections include California's state animal, the magestic Grizzly Bear, and state bird, the cute California Quail. It's hard to say no to such fun modern fabrics!

More New Farbics!

 We have also received some new fabrics from Ellen Buckett Baker for Kokka called Stamped. I must say this is probably one of the cutest collections coming from Kokka. It's beautiful in all its retro simplicity! 

Our new arrivals also include some new Melody Miller. Her new collection, Ruby Star Sparkle, is a wonderfully colorful collection that is a real treat for the eye. It includes everything from roller skates, cameras, telephones, and dishes.

But wait, there's more!

We have finally received both Sateen collections from Joel Dewberry and Valori Wells. 


Also some new Kokka fabrics. Click here to view the rest of the Kokka collection.


z said…
Hey there! Just stoppin by sayin hello from the DIY dreamer :)
Erin Branscom said…
OMG I love the bear fabric! I see a quilt in my son's future... :)
Leshia said…
Stopping by from the DIY dreamer. Love the fabric.
Sew Can Do said…
Great fabrics - love the rotary phone! Stopping by from DIY Dreamer
Unknown said…
Hi! I'm stopping in from DIY Dreamer. Love your Blog!
Unknown said…
I have never seen such gorgeous fabrics, and with vintage Pyrex too??!!! Here from DIY Dreamer :)

xoxo, Tanya
Unknown said…
I am in love with your fabric!! I'm stopping by from The DIY Dreamer! I'm sure I'll be back soon to snag some of that pirate fabric!