10% Off Fabricworm Custom Bundles

Fabricworm Custom Bundles 10% off! 10.11.12
We are well into October and my how the seasons change! We are experiencing our first rain of the season and are loving it! It's the perfect time to post up inside and get to sewing! Check out our collection of Custom Bundles where we offer a great selection of pre-coordinated fabrics available in fat quarters and half yards - now on sale!
We've been busy this week putting together some new Custom Bundles we are proud of! Here is a little bit of eye candy...
Little Man
English Garden
Sunshiny Day
Miss Terious
Happy Hippos
Under the Big Top
Autumn Flutter
For the Boys

Happy Drawing, Too! by Ed Emberley for Cloud 9 (Organic)

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Happy Drawing, Too! Bundle

Cloud 9 brings us the follow up collection to Happy Drawing; Happy Drawing, Too! Now with more fun animals to enjoy based on his iconic how-to-draw book originally published in 1970 and still in print today.
This delightful book in which he teaches us that by using letters, numbers, shapes and things, Anyone Can Draw has captured the hearts of many generations. Sure to please fans and newcomers alike, especially the young ones!
This collection is part of Cloud 9's price sensitive collection.










Frippery by Thomas Knauer

This great new collection from Andover is best stated from the words of the artist himself, "Frippery is all about decoration (in a 70s modernism kind of way), with peacocks, fireworks, and more. And the eggs from Pear Tree have come back, this time a little smaller and with more color than you could shake a stick at."
Well said! I do say we agree!

Fresh Bundle

Warm Bundle

Check out this cool quilt we found featuring Frippery. We found this great quilt on the Piece and Press Blog.

Simple Life by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake

Tasha Noel brings it back to basics with her collection The Simple Life. Inspired by the Redwork Movement, her fabrics make us want to slow down and simplify. Offered in three color groups: pink, aqua and red; which is in true tradition of "Redwork".
The panel prints are made up of 8 inch squares meant to be like the 6 inch 'penny squares' sold in dry good stores to help improve embroidery skills which were later used to make patchwork pillows, quilts and linens. Neat!

Blue Bundle

Pink Bundle

A square from the Panel in Pink

Odds & Ends by Cosmo Cricket

We received a great new collection from Cosmo Cricket designer, Julie Comstock. There are several craft options with these versatile prints. The Label Scraps print is perfect touch to any project with the look of vintage tags with sweet messages. We've broke down our favorite fabrics of this collection into two irresistibly Retro bundles; Vintage Sky and Vintage Rosebud.

Vintage Sky

Vintage Rosebud

Check out this beautiful quilt I found of the Cosmo Cricket Blog!

The Missing Alchemy Fabric!

If you are a big Amy Butler fan, you might have noticed we ended up one bolt shy of a full collection of the gorgeous new Alchemy collection! Thankfully we've cleared the mix up!
If you haven't yet heard about Amy Butler's new collection Alchemy, you are in for a treat! Not only is this collection a design gem, but it is also organic! (You know how much we love organic!)
Also, be on the lookout Alchemy in Linen, Laminate, Voile, Sateen and Regular Quilt Weight coming in December!

Flora Sapphire

Alchemy Bundle
Once upon a time, there was a very special collection from Alexander Henry, coming very soon!
...In a land where friendly dragons roamed and frogs were kissed to make princes, there lived these fair maidens, ruling their lovely kingdom with kindness, friendship and joy. The castle gates are open and these fair maidens welcome you!

Princess Kingdom Baby Blue

Enchanted Forest Natural
We just received these adorable children's patterns back in stock!

Shortcake Reversible Romper & Dress

The Run Around Romper
Thanks for reading along Fabricworms! See ya next week!
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