"New" Shoes!!!

Have a pair of shoes that have seen better days? If so why not spruce them up?! 

All you need is a fat quarter worth of fabric to cover two shoes! Smear some Mod Podge over the shoe before applying the fabric. Figure out which pieces of the design you want to be displayed more prominently. If you are having a difficult time taking larger pieces of the fabric and making them look neat and smooth don't worry! All you need to do is take small pieces of fabric of fabric and apply them one by one just like you would if you were making a collage! Make sure that you use good scissors so that the fabric doesn't fray.

To seal the fabric in place, brush a layer of Mod Podge over the shoe, let it dry, and then repeat this process one or two more times. If you cut out smaller pieces of the fabric and applied them collage style, make sure to brush the Mod Podge in the direction of the thread fibers so that it doesn't fray.
If you want to finish off the the raw edges with a neat clean finish, cut 1 inch strips, fold them, and then iron them. They should come out to be about 1/4 inch wide. Apply the trim with Krazy Glue and then apply some more Mod Podge for a better seal.


And now your ready to show off your "new" shoes to all your friends! ENJOY!

Your Fabricworm Girl,


Beth said…
Great idea! Like the fabric you used!
Ali said…
You didn't! Wow I haven't bough new heels for years but now I have the urge to go buy a dozen pairs!