New Bundles!

We were busy this weekend making some fun new bundles for your quilting and crafting pleasure! Check out it out here.

Dapper Dan is back! Perfect for that special man in your life, or even a really cool gal! 

We can never have enough Little Red Riding Hood. And how about those bears? Irresistable!

Glitter and lace make for night time mystery. What's more curious, may be the contents of those bottles...

Lemonade by the pool on a hot summer day. There are few things more enticing; perhaps this bundle is one of them!

We love Denyse Schmidt and we love retro. Lucky for us this bundle has both! 

Enjoy the new bundles Fabricworms! xoxo


Unknown said…
Think I might have to invest in those moustaches...absolute love!
Karen said…
Love those moustaches!
Julianne said…
Love the colours - with a twist of the moustache!!