Marvel and DC Comics Are Back!

Back by popular demand, we've restocked some amazing retro super hero fabric featuring all your favorite Marvel characters.  This time around we've even added a new print from the DC Comics range for the girls!  Femme Power all the way with this print reminiscent of my childhood pillowcase from the eighties!  Oh yeah!  Check them all out here.

Femme Power

Action Heros

Close Up

Group Pose

Name In Lights Natural

Strike A Pose


Miriam said…
"Femme Power" is all DC Comic characters, not Marvel.
FabricWorm said…
Oh thanks for that Miriam!
lilbunnymama said…
I doodle my kids names and some shapes for them, the most. I'm not an artist with pen and ink so it's pretty crude if I get outside those realms.
lilbunnymama said…
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lilbunnymama said…
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