In Love With American Jane

We are just head over heels for the new School Days Collection by American Jane.  We are absolutely adoring the retro vibe.  We think these florals would make an incredible dress for any girl young or old.  And those plaids would work out perfectly for the guys.  But the star of the show has to be the Connect The Dots print, in all of it's "old school" glory.  Check out the entire collection here.

Manilla/Apple Bundle

Chalkboard Bundle

Composition Book Bundle - so clever!

ABC 123

Connect The Dots

School Uniform

Teacher's Bouquet



Susan Jonsson said…
Oh no....I just told myself...."You can't have any more fabric." I will be able to resist this latest beautiful collection. I really love the notebook cover fabric! Genius!

Recess was always my favorite time at school and it looks like it will be in this line of fabric too