Patty Sloniger's Bella Butterfly and Backyard Baby!

Backyard Baby by Patty Sloniger is the latest Designer collection from Michael Miller! Inspired by adventurous backyards as seen through the eyes of a toddler, you can't help but be inspired by the whimsical sweetness of this darling collection!  (On sale for a very limited time!)

Backyard Baby Bundle

Bella Butterfly by Patty Sloniger is the girl's answer to Backyard Baby! Full of delight and wonder, Bella Buttefly will steel the hearts of many a little girl. The palette is bright and fresh! (Also on sale for a limited time!)

Bella Buttefly Bundle Green/Blue

Bella Butterfly Bundle Pink/Green


Kara Renee said…
I love the colors and patterns in the backyard baby bundle! So much perfection in one picture!
Samantha said…
I absolutely must have some of that Hydrangea fabric! I must! :) I really love all of these but, as you can see, I really must like the Hydrangeas!
Maria Wallin said…
Absolutely loving all of these bundles, gorgeous!