New Kawaii Fabric! (From Hawaii)

These were just too awesome to pass up!  Have a look at all these adorable prints from Hawaii!  And they're 10% off right now but only until Thursday 10/20.

You'll only find these unique fabrics at Fabricworm!  See all the prints here.


Randi said…
I'm in Hawaii and have a stash of most of these prints. Finally, something everyone else can be jealous of ;) -- we don't have Olive Garden, no Kohl's, and I can't Pick Your Plum, BUT we've got some fabrics you can't find anywhere else (well other than FabricWorm, hehe)!
FabricWorm said…
Ha Ha!! That's so true. (oh but we are jealous of the snorkeling and diving, the best in the world in my opinion!)

We just love these adorable prints, next month there will be a Japanese take on Alice in Wonderland that is to die for! You may have already seen this in Hawaii. LOVE!