Lilliput by Tina Givens is now in stock!

 Liliput by Tina Givens is so warm and rich with color.  We think the warm tones of auburn, gold, rust, and chocolate, are just perfect for this fall season.  Here's a bit about the inspiration behind Lilliput Fields:

"Lilliput Fields is a mix of exotic and far off fantasy designs, reflecting a global take on ancient weaving, tapestry and design. I started with the ancient Suzani tapestry which is an ancient tribal textile from central Asian countries. This is an example of a Suzani embroidery. I particularly love the disks of embroidery pattern and thus started sketching out my own versions."

The bundles you see here are coming to the website soon! 

Sun Flecked Bundle
Sunset Morgan Bundle
Morning Dew Bundle

We've also stocked this collection in Home Dec Sateen, which is just perfect for all of your upholstery projects! 

Home Dec Sateen


Dawn said…
At first glance I thought I was looking at Pernilla's Journey! I like these!
Vero said…
I love Tina Givens's Fabrics, I bought a bunch of her fabric and done several beautiful projects with them. Tina Givens Rocks! :)
Kelly Irene said…
I really like the Morning Dew bundle. I think Tina is a total gem in the fabric industry; her designs are so gorgeous.