Storyboek Time, Sea Views Quilt, and Gum Drop Pillows

As you can see, it has been a lot of fun over here now that the Storyboek by Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics has finally arrived.

The first project was to make a quilt using the Sea Views quilt pattern from Kate Conklin Designs. I usually don't follow quilt patterns so it was a nice change to have all the directions laid out for me.

The best part about this pattern is that calls for the "stack and slash" method to make the blocks, which means you stack three layers of fabric on top of each other and then cut those pieces into thirds. It makes for a nice balance of having the benefit of all of the directions and still having each quilt be totally unique. And I absolutely love the way this pattern works with the Storyboek line.

We chose Kona Ash for the sashing to keep the quilt gender neutral, but Kona Peach or Kona Sky work perfectly with the line if you wanted to make the quilt more gender specific.

The back is made with Seahorses Sun and a strip of Cobblestone Stripe Coral, Whale Watch Sky and Field Stroll Main Cream.

The binding is Bubble Stripe Fresh cut on the bias.

Fabricworm has put together a little kit here where you can purchase all the fabric needed to make this lovely quilt!

-   -   -

The next project was to create Amy Butler's Gum Drop Pillows, which is a great way to show off more Storyboek prints. The big panels really let the fabrics shine. I made two puffs, one in each size. The larger one uses the Storyboek prints in the boy colorway and the smaller puff uses the prints in the girl colorway. The puffs are made with 8 panels so each Storyboek print gets shown off and you can repeat your favorite!

We hope you'll take a stab at one of these fabulous projects.  Each project is a great way to show off the adorable prints from the Storyboek Collection.  Thanks for catching up with us!


The Fabricworm Girls

Psst.... Melissa Lunden sewed up all these cute designs, and we are just so proud of all of her awesome sewing skills, that we wanted to share with you her new website: so that you can contact her for any special sewing projects that you might have for her:)


Lovely fabrics, lovely quilt, lovely story. :D
Megan said…
I think this fabric is so cute. And I really like that quilt. It does remind me of the sea.
barb mann said…
LOVE your quilt Melissa! Its just beautiful. So many little scenes...Cynthia's Mama
WoolenSails said…
I love that quilt and the fabrics, such a simple design, but so stunning.

Kate said…
Oh, I love it! Absolutely gorgeous! Your fabric is perfect for that design :)
Beth said…
I love the pairing of Kona Ash with this new line. It really takes it up a notch in terms of sophistication--there are no little kids in our house, but I think it would fit in nicely here in that color combo.

wordygirl at earthlink dot net
Robin said…
Oh my gosh! I ordered a bundle of these fabrics and that same pattern last week, just before you posted this! It's nice to know that they are gonna look great in that quilt. :)