Japanese Goodies!

We just have TOO much good stuff right now!  Japanese fabrics are always exciting to get in shipments, and this shipment did not disappoint!  Check out all the new Kokka we have in stock now:

Big Owls Brown

Big Owl Grey
Owl King

Ballet Stripe Pink

Ballet Patch Pink

Little Red Natural

Matpewka Comic Green

Scandi Trefle Cream

Woodland Patch Primary

We are really feeling these new prints from Yamada Utako for Karel Capek!

Spring Coral

Teatime Primary

Aren't those kitties just the cutest!?

The Cat's Meow Blue

The Cat's Meow Natural

And from the Luluca Collection, are these versatile prints that come on a 62 inch wide lightweight cotton/linen blend!

Luluca Butterflies Dawn

Luluca Butterflies Dusk

Luluca Garden Damask Charcoal


Those are SO cute!!! I especially love the Red Riding Hood fab (the wolf steals the show for me!) and the "Matpewka"!!
AnnieK said…
OWLS!!!!!! *girly squeeeeee!* ahem...yes. Come oooooooon payday...
luckymom said…
I just love that teatime primary, what beautiful fabric. Gotta have some of that.
Vicky said…
I love the cats and the owls! Is it wrong to want to buy all the fabric I see? I keep telling my husband that we need a bigger house... I just haven't said it is for fabric storage yet!