Fabricworm's Super Easy "Free Style" Quilt!

All Done
We here at Fabricworm love simple and modern baby accessories.  A baby quilt is just that!  When you consider that this little quilt took just 8 hours to complete start to finish, that pretty much sweetens the pot.  That is especially fast, when you consider how slow of a sewer I am.  The reason I have become so slow is that I am a mom to a little rambunctious girl of 20 months.  (Who just loves to interrupt her mother's sewing!) 

This cute, little quilt came about when I realized just how well the Jay-Cyn Designs Avalon and Lizzy House 1001 Peeps go together.  I loved the scale of the Lizzy House Illusion Basra Blue, an thought it would make the perfect backdrop for my adorable nephew Owen's nursery.  Here's how it turned out!

I love the combination of olive/lime green and teal.  I decided to only add the tiniest bit of the olive green as an accent between the Jay-Cyn His Cruisers and Lizzy House Illusion Basra Blue.  I had a scrap of Anna Maria Horner's Pastry Line Olive, which was just perfect.  If you don't have a scrap, you can order a half yard from Fabricworm now that it's freshly back in stock!

Right when I finished the quilt, that little rambunctious girl I mentioned earlier decided that this was her blankey.  In her own limited words, "mine?".  (Try to imagine that said in a very high-pitched, elongated question.)  I guess I'm going to have to figure out how to sneak this one past her!


There was very little measuring involved in this quilt.  Here is what I used:

1/2 Yard of Jay-Cyn Designs Avalon His Cruiser (For the Border)


1 Yard Lizzy House 1001 Peeps Illusion Basra Blue (For the Body)


1.5 Yards Jay-Cyn Designs Avalon Squares Natural (For the Backing)


 Scrap piece of Anna Maria Horner Pastry Line Olive (For the Detail)


1/2 Yard of Lizzy House 1001 Peeps Royal City Basra Blue  (For Binding)
I know you lose this cute design when used for the binding, I picked this for the binding because I loved all the different tones of blue you could get in a single stripe of bias tape, not to mention a little peek-a-boo of green every now and then!


If you are new to sewing binding to quilts, you should check out this tutorial on the lovely Oh Frannson Blog.

The great thing about this simple baby quilt is that I used the existing width of the fabrics.  I also did not quilt this blankey at all, I simply tacked all three layers together (front, batting, and backing) together using the tack stitch setting on my sewing machine.   I do this before sewing on my binding.

That's it! Voile!  Don't be afraid to jump into a project just like this one.  This simple design can be fantastic to show off any of your favorite prints, so feel free to mix it up!

Your Fabricworm Girl (and future Fabricworm),
Andrea & Sophie


AnnieK said…
Adorable! The quilt is pretty cute, too. ;-)
oh my land said…
wow what a cutie pie! Coincidentally, the captcha generated for this comment is "sophiou"!
Nolan said…
Love it! I never would have thought to use that type of print for the binding.
Tiffany said…
This is so cute - I want one of my own to snuggle! :)
FabricWorm said…
Awww, Sophie looks so cute! And the quilt is adorable, great work Andrea!
lisa p said…
Wow, that is super cute, and you make it sound so easy to make! By the way, your Sophie is just the cutest little girl ever!!!
love, Nana Lisa