Castle Peeps by Lizzy House is in the House!

Just bundled up a bunch of sets and posted them on

I think I want to make a sleeveless dress from the Flourishes print in the Royal Blue color, but haven't decided on a pattern yet. Any suggestions? I tend to like fifties styles that have tight wastes with flowing skirts. Would love an idea. I used to have a great strapless fifties dress pattern, and I can't find it anywhere, I think it was a McCall's.


Michele said…
Well, you know that retro clothes are all the rage, and Vogue patterns have some amazing ones. I think the other pattern companies are offering some as well. You are probably a different size than I am (for your sake I hope so) but I have a pattern exactly like you describe tucked away somewhere. Michele
stashavalanche said…
Not strapless, but how about this?
ps. love those new fabrics - I can feel some buying about to happen...
Oh WOW! This line is even more FABULOUS than I imagined!!