Moving Day Sale! And check out our new Digs!

It's moving day today and we are having a big sale! Check it out, everything in the Sale Section is now 20% off @ We are just getting things squared away. Since I took these photos this morning, the shelves have quickly filled up with fabric. Not a square inch of the new store is wasted. I'll post more photos once I can get back to the store. Baby Boy #2 is napping away. It's tough helping Mom and Dad move all that fabric.

Birch Fabrics/ is now located @
1244 Pine Street, Suite D
(the corner of Railroad and 13th Street)
Paso Robles, CA 93446


Very cool - what a great new spot too! I love the staircase - can't wait to see how everything looks when it's all done...and I spy the Red Letter quilt :-)
can't wait to see LOTS (!!) of pics of everything finished up and ready to go.
very excited for you! :)
Rafael's Mum said…
How exciting! It is allready looking really nice and I LOVE those big windows!! Just imagine sitting there doing a spot of sewing/cutting etc... some coffee... lol! I'd have you turned into a quiltshop-come-coffeebar soon! just like you have in some bookshops. You could browse and reflect on everything you needed. But I am letting my imagination run away with me!

Best of luck with the new shop!!
Corinnea said…
That is a beautiful space! All the best for you!
The1stdaughter said…
Yay! I can't wait to visit! I was just up there the other day and wondering if you were up and going yet. How exciting! Congrats!
Caroline said…
I wish I lived closer!! I dont think you would actually be able to persuade me to leave your shop!!!
em's scrapbag said…
Exciting times! Looks like you had some great helpers.
murphy said…
Wow! Such great next step for Fabricworm! Congrats on the gorgeous new digs. :)