Just because I Love Blythe

No it has nothing to do with fabric, necessarily, although had I not started selling fabric, I would have never learned of her. What am I talking about you ask? Well my newest obsession, Blythe Neo. I have never purchased one yet, I've been eyeing them for a good while, and some what obsessing over them. Mainly because I've seen so many deliciously adorable clothes made for them by Etsy sellers, such as dollymolly

So I think I've finally found the one I want. This is her, Cassiopeia Spice

She is so adorable with her flower in her air, and a camera around her neck. Mostly though I think it's appropriate that she is sporting a patchwork dress!

Just felt like sharing!

Happy Holidays!

Oh and Santa, if you are reading, I don't think she's available until January, so maybe you could just make a stop at my house in the Spring? Maybe? Pretty Please....


Jenny said…
I hadn't seen that doll before...the doe eyes are really something. I think you picked the perfect one! Merry Christmas.
Have you ever read this blog:


She takes amazing pictures of her dolls..Hope Santa reads your blog :-)
As if it weren't enough that you constantly feed my fabric obsession, now you're made me aware of something that I'm sure my granddaughter NEEDS.

Merry Christmas, Cynthia!
FabricWorm said…
Ha Ha! Glad I'm not the only one who's found love with Blythe Dolls! Happy Holidays to you all!
GordonRBogard said…
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Pam said…
I just found out about Blythe and I adore her. Unfortunately, I don't know where to buy her. Any ideas?
prashant said…
I think you picked the perfect one!

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polly conway said…
Watch out...once you start, you will be thinking about dolls more than you ever expected! :) Blythe 4 LIFE!
have you thought about coming to BLYTHECON 2011?!

You could vend if you want!
Your fabric would sell out immediately!!