Birch Fabrics Circa 50 Winners Announced!

Thank You all for your kind comments. Im so excited for the New Line. And especially a huge Thanks for your help in conceptualizing the Summer Line. You've given me sooo much to think about.

Okay and on to the Good Stuff

1. John (Quilt Dad)
2. FooFooAngle
3. Nyte Rain

Please send me your addresses to

Thank You all for participating!

Happy Sewing!


Jenny said…
what a great giveaway! congratulations winner!
SewCalGal said…

Thank you for hosting such a delight giveaway.

And, congratulations to the winners!

John said…
omigoodness ... i am SO excited!! i wanted to win this one so, so, so, so, so, so, so badly! off to email you now ...
Ryan said…
Gongrats everyone. I wish I stumbled on this giveaway sooner... maybe next time. I'm following now!

Can't wait to see what John does with is fabrics.
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