Birch Fabrics, Circa 50 by Monaluna, Strike Offs Arrived!

Yep folks, this is on Fabric!!

They Mostly Turned Out Awesome! Only a few minor changes, and we are well on our way. Just need to add a little yellow in the green, fix the squirrels head, add a touch of yellow to the orange, shift screens slightly on the pebble lines, and that's about it.

I can't believe the fabric will be going into production shortly. So very Exciting!!


Melanie O said…
They look great - can't wait :)
How exciting for you Cynthia - it must be so thrilling to finally see it on fabric!
sewfunquilts said…
Love the them! How exciting. The cars & scooter one is super! I want some of that fabric!
Cristin said…
LOVE IT! You better tell us when its in your shop - I want those grey trees, orange and green dots, and chairs!!! Congrats!
It's positively amazing! I love it. Nice work.
oh! I NEED these!!! What great patterns!
Rita said…
It's so cute! I can't wait to buy some!
Rita said…
It's so cute! I can't wait to buy some!
SO great!!! I mean, SEW great!!!
Oh my these are amazing! I love the chairs. And the owls and squirrels in the woods : ) And um, the cars and scooters. Oh and the houses. Hm, I love it all! Can't wait until it's ready for sale.
Rae said…
I can't wait. PLEASE tell me this is out soon!!!