Check out my Cool New Quilt from OneShabbyChick, oh and a De-Stash

Yep, akcarrillo on Etsy is de-stashing, and you better get over there quick before her Awesome Sets are all Scooped Up. If you haven't had a chance to meet Amber of OneShabbyChick, let me just tell you, this girl knows Fabric, but even better, she's an Awesome Quilter! Check out her blog to see just what I'm talking about!

I'm totally smitten with my dear friend Amber, and I would say she's one of my Best Cyber Buds. She is so darn sweet. But a Super Talent to boot!!

I contacted Amber about making this quilt for my new store, Birch Fabrics, and she was so excited she even did it for trade, (which she hasn't even cashed in on, come on Amber, haven't you seen the New Kawaii?)

I hope you get a chance to meet Amber in Cyber land. All the Best!


Tonya said…
I adore Amber, she is the sweetest! And I love that quilt, it is gorgeous : )
Oh Cynthia - you've made me get all teary -eyed!! Thanks so much for all the nice words - and the links too. And yes - I need to do some shopping soon :-)
I almost felt bad doing my de-stash - didn't want to take away any of your business!!