Spring Quilt Market Pittsburgh 2009- Booths Part 2- Laura Gunn

Laura Gunn has a new line of Quilt Fabric being released this May for Michael Miller, if you didn't know Laura is Heather Bailey's Sister in Law:)

Laura's Booth was stunning and in my personal opinion deserved the 1st place prize for single booth!!

Check out the Adorable Dress and Bag made with her new fabric!

Oh and I made fast friends, with Myrinda of Fabrichound, see our matching dresses in the last photo! Support your West Coast Fabric Stores! Yay!


Unknown said…
Great pictures! Love your dresses :)
Anonymous said…
Aagin thanks for the pictures. Love the quilt in the background with the emerging branches. Amazing. Love the dress.
9crafty11 said…
I recognize THAT dress..& it looks hot on you! Good to see it on rather on the hanger. And by the looks of it, the other dress is an Indygo Junction tunic? You both looks great! And yes the booth definitely looked amazing too!
Tutes Magoo said…
thank you cynthia, for sharing with those of us who couldn't make it this year. looks like we missed some amazing displays of fabric gorgeouseness and a really good time! and I love dresses you and fabrichound are wearing!
Courtney said…
I saw your matching fabric picture on another blog and just had to come over and she if you mentioned the pattern you used to make your dress. I LOVE it!
justmyrinda said…
oh this is the best one yet! I look like a total goob in most of the pictures, hahaha!
I adore our matching dresses, teehee! Are you going to Houston? Call me so we can coordinate ;)

and yes, 9crafty11...it's Indygo Junction Over the Top Tunic...and I'm not a lil thin thing like Cynthia ;)