Spring Quilt Market Pittsburgh 2009- Booths Part 1

I hope you enjoy my photos from Quilt Market, Unfortunately some of the photos are a little blurry, but I know I'd still want to have a look see:)

This is Heather Ross' booth with Kokka Japan, she even had a book signing and gave me a free book, "Weekend Sewing". The book is amazing and I can't wait to make all the patterns!! Thanks Heather!! It was AWESOME meeting my Favorite Designer!



~Michelle~ said…
ooh, haven't seen anything from Heather @ Market yet - thanks for posting, FFA is awesome!
Lisa said…
oh. my. goshhhhhhhh amazing booth!!!!

gah, i can't beleive you met her and she gave you something too! wow, what an amazing experience i'm sure! the far far away goodies are awesommmmme
Anonymous said…
wow you are lucky she is awesome!!! Do you know if you will be getting any more of her far far away in? I am especially looking for the blue unicorns