Back from The Quilt Market, and I have some Wonderful Photos!!

Quilt Market Update Part 1

Michael Miller had a stunning booth, with some amazing examples of quilts made from their newest lines!

Quilt # 1 Jewel Tones
Quilt # 2 Summer Soiree by Paula Prass
Quilt # 3 Zoo-Ology

Check them out. The Jewel Tones Quilt is my favorite!

Stay tuned all week for daily updates from my trip!


These are lovely! The animals are my fave!
Anonymous said…
WOW! The jewel tones one is awesome. They are all impressive! Thanks for the pictures.
zoo-ology looks like it'll have to find it's way to my sewing machine soon! :)
thanks for sharing your quilt market experience with those of us not fortunate enough to get to go. can't wait to see more!
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