New Fabric From Timeless Treasures is in the Mail and on it's way to Fabricworm!

Yippee! Look at all the fun new fabric from Timeless Treasures! It's in the mail and will be available at mid next week! Fun Sets will also be available @


I am in an orange and pink mode. Definitely will be ordering some of these....and then I scrolled down to the rest. I guess I'm also in a limey green and black mode. You'll be hearing from me soon!
cidell said…
I'm reminding myself that I do not need two scooter prints! But, that lime and black at the end is a spot on match for my new pair of shoes!
LeeleeFL said…
Will you be getting the Apple collection? If not, do you know anyone who will? Love them all-I'll likely order the Parisienne style from you