Heather Ross Mendocino Artist Creations!

As many of you may have heard by now, Heather Ross' Mendocino is being discontinued. She has a Non-Compete Contract with the children's sleepwear company Munki Munki, and both she and Westminster did not want to upset that contract. Her future collections with Westminster will be on hold until her contract ends, that date is unknown for now.

I thought as a little tribute to Heather and her absolutely fabulous line, I would post some really beautiful items that my customers have created with her fabric:

1st is a quilt by Kolohekids on Etsy

2nd: Some cute Burp Cloths by milkyrobot on Etsy

3rd: A Darling Toddler Dress by ThreeYellowStarfish on Etsy

I'm so sad to see this line of fabrics go. It's definitely been one of my favorites. I just never get tired of it:)

Happy Friday Everyone!


i read this the other day, it makes me very sad. i love all of heather ross' fabrics, but i think mendocino is my favourite. i have just about finished a baby gift featuring them, and made a bunting aswell. i also just ordered a bunch more mendocino from you! [but may have to get even more...]
Jess said…
Thank you for adding my burp cloth to the page! *^_^*
3 Peas Designs said…
You're one of my favorites on Etsy. I'm such a sucker for fabric and I really can't even sew that well! I've just started a new blog. Hope you'll check it out!