Fabricworm on Etsy Announcement!!

Now Offering Competitor Price Match. Maybe you've found the same fabrics somewhere else on Etsy for a better price? If you prefer to shop @ Fabricworm, just send me an e-mail and tell me the price and the store, and I will match it! This is just my way of saying Thank You for all your Great Support.

I know how much you all Love The Special Attention to Detail, Great Customer Service and Unbelievably Fast Shipping. Now you don't have to go somewhere else to get the Best Price!

Happy Sewing!!



Unknown said…
Great idea! Thank you :)
Anonymous said…
Heavens... browsing through your shop I realized I hearted almost you whole selection...

I had no idea I could become so fabric obsessed, but it should not surprise me in the least, I already have an outstanding addiction to yarn!

See you in the wind for sure!
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Thanks!
that's so nice! i love your shop and always have an ongoing list of fabrics i need to have! you seem to stock a lovely selection of my favourites.