Thursday, April 29, 2021

Japanese Import Sale | Lilliput by Sharon Holland


Hey Fabricworms, save 10-30% off select Japanese imports now through Friday, April 30th at 11pm PST. No coupon code needed.
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Lilliput by Sharon Holland

Lilliput observes the natural world through a child’s imagination. Encounter sweet foxes and bunnies in forest shades of fern green, budding pink, spring violet, and earthy clay. Sample is Buckthorn Backpack from Noodlehead Patterns by maker Victoria Newmyer.
Two Lilliput Jersey Knits & 1 Rayon
Sample is the Fringe Dress by Chalk & Notch by maker Alexis Wright.

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The Estuary Skirt is a beginner-friendly, body-friendly skirt pattern that you'll feel like wearing every day of the week. And it features big ol' pockets! 

Read our blog where Fabricworm Maker Amanda shares her Estuary Skirt in soft organic honey colored double gauze.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Estuary Skirt in Soft Organic Double Gauze


 By Amanda, A Fabricworm Maker

What says spring sewing better than yellow? I’ll admit I often admire yellows from 
afar but am too scared to make something to wear with it. I love how bright and 
happy it is, but I worry it’ll clash with my skin tone or be too bright and happy. 
Well I took the plunge and this Honey colored organic cotton double gauze is the 
PERFECT tone of yellow for me (and probably for you too). I’m more of a skirt 
and dress person these days especially as it gets warmer. Double gauze is perfect 
for warmer climates because it’s super breezy and has a fairly fluid drape.  

I decided to make the Estuary Skirt from Sew Liberated and if I’m being honest it 
was a good lesson in being okay with the imperfect. For some reason my sewing 
machine really did not like one specific spot for my buttonholes and it just kept 
getting stuck. After picking out the buttonhole for what felt like the hundredth 
time my fabric was looking a little rough around the edges. At the end of the day 
the only person who will be able to tell my buttonhole is not perfect is me. 
Well and you, but you probably won’t ever see me wearing this skirt out in the 
world and if you do I assure you you will not be this close to my buttonholes.

I think in the age of social media it is easy to be convinced everyone else is making 
things perfectly and there are 0 mistakes or ripped seams. It’s okay to not have every 
seam perfect because ultimately really only you will know and also ready to wear clothes 
also are not perfect at all.

Anyways, the organic double gauze is a really lovely fabric to work with and 
is not too finicky. You do need to be mindful that while its two layers are tacked together, 
when manipulating the fabric they can come apart. You also need to be careful if you need 
to seam rip because the looser weave of the fabric allows your seam ripper to get in there 
and mess up your day.

As someone who only somewhat recently started sewing woven apparel items 
I found the most intimidating aspect to be choosing a size. When you sew knits 
you know there’s stretch, so if it is a little too small it may still fit and look great, 
but that’s not really the case with wovens. The best advice I got about choosing a size 
was to consult both the size chart AND the measurements of the finished garment. 
I was between two sizes in this skirt and decided to size up. The benefit of sizing up 
vs down is that if you get a little smaller you can always take it in and if you get a 
little bigger you’ll likely still be able to wear it. I’m really in love with this imperfect 
sunny spring skirt and I cannot wait to make more things to go with it!


Amanda is a stay at home mom of 2 young boys, living outside of
Charlotte, North Carolina. She can be found on
@mandabe4r where she shares everyday life and crafty things.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Robert Kaufman London Calling Lawn, Washed Denim, & Jersey Knit


London Calling Lawn

The beautiful blooms and florals of London Calling cotton lawn have returned for Spring. These lightweight cotton fabrics are  44" wide for making garments or quilts.
Get the Lucerne Blouse pattern from Hey June Handmade here.

Lightweight Denim

A handful of cotton tencel washed denim for versatile sewing projects arrived last week. Tencel fabric adapts to a wide range of clothing types like active wear to flowy dresses.

Jersey Knits

Cheery Blossoms, Petit, Wild Blue, & Laguna wide width jersey knits.

Just For Fun Interlock Knits Coming June

Preordering ensures that you get your cut of these interlock knit beauties shipped to you as soon as they arrive to us this June. Keep in mind that ship dates are approximate and may change. If you've found other fabrics, already in stock, please order them separately so we can ship those items while stock is available.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day Organic Sale | Posy & Restocked Alexander Henry


Earth Day Coupon Code ORGANIC Saves 15% Off Organic Fabrics When You Spend $65 Or More Total Through Monday, April 26th. *Excludes already 60% off organic, Kinder Birch apparel, and preorders.

"I have a love affair with color and Posy was my opportunity to work with all my favorites in a mix of dreamy 60s and 70s inspired florals. It features nostalgic bold pop florals and sweet little prints--think of long afternoon teas, flower crowns and picnics in the tall grass on balmy Sundays. A perfect blend of modern and vintage, Posy works for bedding and home decor and is just as sweet for apparel and accessories."
Add details with restocked Crochet Edge Double Fold Bias colors.

Alexander Henry Restocks

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